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We have 3 major conferences throughout the year! Check out the video at the bottom of the page to get a glimpse of them!

Fall Retreat

Every fall a few weeks into the year we take a weekend to get away from campus and spend some time together building community, having fun, and starting the year off right by digging into the bible and looking at what it means to be a Christian. We will have a great speaker, worship, games and more! Check back in the fall for more details!

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Join us December 28 – January 1 to spend four days in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, MD to reconnect with friends during winter break, grow in your faith, entertainment by Shelby Abbott, amazing speakers, and lots of fun including a giant dance party! More info below.

 Cru Winter Conference

Baltimore Cru will be joined by Maryland Cru and Salisbury Cru in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break! Come learn how to share our faith and get opportunities to do it! As well we will enjoy time on the beach and enjoy community with other students from your school and around Maryland! Price is $199 for the conference fee and the housing! Food and transportation are on your own.

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