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Meet the Leaders

We are so thankful for our student leaders who serve the Lord by serving on our leadership team and working alongside the staff to lead the ministry of Towson Cru.

Student Directors

Katie Warner & Matt Cregger

Student President/VP’s role is to work with the
staff to love and serve the leadership team by
helping them see the big picture and trust
the Lord while working through any problems
that may arise.

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Sage Isaac

The Treasurer’s role is to help manage
the Cru finances to meet all SGA requirements.

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Freshman Team


Freshman Team’s mission is to work to
build community and provide spiritual
mentorship for the freshman class.
Freshman who attend will be encouraged
and challenged to grow in their walk
with Christ. Upperclassmen will take the
role of shepherding through teaching and service.

Worship Team

Worship Team’s mission is to create
an environment where all people can
come together to praise God with
gospel-centered worship.

Prayer Team

Josh Cregger

Prayer Team’s mission is to oversee,
motivate, model, and lead students
in intimacy and dependency on Christ
through prayer with the view towards
reaching every student with the gospel.

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Cru Team

Lauren Proudfoot

Cru Team’s mission is to create a
welcoming environment where
students can hear and experience
the gospel in an attractive setting
and effectively communicate information
upfront at Cru.

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Evangelism Team

Blake Myers

Evangelism Team’s mission is
to encourage, equip, and provide
opportunities for the Cru ministry
to share the life-changing message
of the gospel with the campus
and beyond.

Community Team

Community Team’s mission is to create
opportunities that foster fellowship and
community that also are open and
welcoming to new people by organizing
fun and unique events.

Men’s/Women’s Team

Abigail Thornsberry & Matt Cregger

Men and women team’s mission is to
organize events to unite all men/women
in Cru for a time of fun and fellowship
and provide some spiritually applicable
content to the men/women.

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Servant Team

Daniel Hatfield

Servant Team’s mission is to encourage
and provide opportunities for Cru to
serve the campus and surrounding

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Love Week Team

Meg Smith

Love Week Team’s mission is to love
and serve the city of Baltimore because
God loves the city. Love Week Team
plans and provides opportunities for
the Towson student body to love and
serve the city of Baltimore.

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